About us

Zev Industries is a Canadian-founded team of experts from diverse backgrounds working in an agile and lean environment to create cutting-edge tools for the assessment, analysis, and training of combat sports.

Zev Industries focuses on combat sports products and consulting 
services ranging from customized hardware, software, and deployment services along with one-on-one and one-to-many training and coaching services. 


Seth Lenetsky


PhD in strength and conditioning and sports biomechanics focused on sports combat. Published peer-reviewed articles on impact sciences and experience with high-performance athletes.  

Steve Graham


Full stack developer with 20 years experience in hardware, firmware, systems architecture, user interface design, prototyping and development.  Confident leader with track record of growing and developing productive teams.

Peter Irby

CDO & Founder

Seasoned creative professional with 15 years of experience across a wide range of fields from advertising to in house creative services.

Advisory Board

“Boom Boom” Mancini

former professional boxer , Actor and Commentator

Raymond Michael Mancini, best known as Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1979 to 1992, and has since worked as an actor and commentator. He held the WBA lightweight title from 1982 to 1984. Mancini inherited his distinctive nickname from his father, veteran boxer Lenny “Boom Boom” Mancini, who laid the foundation for his son’s career. In 2015, Ray was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Ray offers Zev and our clients a unique, candid and knowledgeable insight into our combat sports, fitness and healthcare markets, products and services.

Lynn Fischer


Lynn Fischer has over twenty-five years as a technology executive in the telecommunications and healthcare industries. Her passion has been envisioning and implementing new technology and business approaches to support the transformation of large enterprises and develop the people and teams to support the changes.

Most recently Lynn was VP of Information Technology at Kaiser Permanente which provides healthcare for over 12 million people. While at Kaiser she developed corporate capabilities in health information exchange, mobile, service management, and cloud. Prior to Kaiser, Lynn was VP of IT Services at Qwest Communications, where she led the introduction of wireless data capabilities and the enterprise integration platform for over 100 systems.

Lynn started her career as a research chemist after receiving her BS in Molecular Biology. Moving from the lab to technology, Lynn received an MS in Information Systems, focused on AI, from the University of Colorado and began her career in technology. She completed executive leadership programs at Harvard and Stanford. Additionally, Lynn served on the Colorado Senate Advisory Committee on health information technology exchange. She was selected as the Colorado CIO of the year in 2011. Her lifetime interest in applied learning led her to be a board member of the non-profit Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC).

Dr. John Serak


Dr. Serak is a neurosurgeon with a focus on the treatment of spinal disorders. He is specifically interested in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), which minimizes damage to the muscle surrounding the spine and preserves normal parts of the spine. This results in patients spending less time in the hospital after surgery, less narcotic pain medication and faster return to work/normal activities when compared to non-minimally invasive techniques.  He utilizes cutting edge technology including robotic spine surgery and endoscopic spine surgery. Dr. Serak also has a strong interest in spinal trauma, traumatic head injury and concussion, and treats patients at level I and level II trauma centers in Denver. Additionally, he has experience in the surgical treatment of movement disorders, including Parkinson Disease, as well as treatment of patients with concurrent PD and spinal issues such as spinal stenosis and spinal cord compression and injury.

Dr. Serak graduated from Wabash College, a small liberal arts school in Indiana, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Chemistry. He then attended Georgetown University, receiving a Master’s degree in Physiology and Biophysics. Dr. Serak attended medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine. Subsequently, he completed residency in Neurosurgery as well as a fellowship in minimally invasive and complex spine surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital/Miller School of Medicine in Miami, FL.  Dr. Serak currently practices Neurosurgery in Denver, CO. Throughout his career, he has been involved with research in the neurosciences, including research into neural development, genetics and epigenetics of neurons, mapping of neural pathways and clinical neurosurgical research. This research has produced a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

John Palley


John Palley is a technology industry veteran. He is a founder of four technology and services companies.  Two of the companies were acquired by publicly traded entities while the third is in intensive, and profitable, growth mode. 

Board of Directors

Seth Lenetsky


Seth Lenetsky was born and raised in Portland, Oregon’s Hawthorn district. Interested in combat sports at an early age, his love of the sports took him from the wrestling mats of school gymnasiums, to the cages of amateur mixed martial arts bouts, the training rings of Thailand, and eventually the corners of fighters from around the globe.

Educated in New Zealand, Seth has multiple advanced degrees in exercise science, strength and conditioning, and sports biomechanics. Seth’s clinical work is focused on advanced analysis of human movement and performance enhancement. His research as an academic is focused on bringing scientific rigor to the understanding of combat sports.     

In his time as a practitioner Seth has worked at the highest levels of sport, engaging with NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, America’s Cup, boxing, professional rugby, and Olympic athletes and teams. Always focused on evidence-based practice, simplicity of design, and data analytics; Seth brings the concepts he learned in the field to his leadership of Zev Industries.

Mark Shirman​

board member

Mark Shirman, has over thirty five years of entrepreneurial experience in the IT services and Software arena. Mark is currently COO of Congruity360 LLC, an infrastructure services company providing services to the data driven enterprise.  Prior to Congruity360 Mark was CEO of RiverMeadow Software, a venture backed startup that created a SaaS tool focused on Cloud Migration. Mark was the Founder/CEO of GlassHouse Technologies. At GlassHouse he built the companies leadership position in the infrastructure solutions space, as well as managing the investment community.  Glasshouse represented over 600 professionals in 8 countries throughout the world. 

Before starting GlassHouse, Mark was Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and CTO at Convergent Group where he executed a combination of operational and marketing strategies that resulted in a successful IPO and the subsequent sale of the business to Schlumberger Corporation. Prior to Convergent Group, Mark was responsible for the worldwide eBusiness and CRM lines of business for Cambridge Technology Partners. Previously, Mark ran similar units for BSG/Alliance IT. In 1985, he successfully launched a new breed IT consulting company called Innovative Information Systems Inc. (IISI) was focused on emerging technologies and application development. Mark served as CEO of IISI until its sale to CDI Corporation in 1990, and then served as its president until 1995.

Mark started his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. after receiving his BA in Economics from Brandeis University and his MBA from American University. Mark served as a member of the Boston Public Library Technology Council, a governor’s appointed Trustee for Wachusett Community College, and a director for Baby’s Breath, a non-profit organization focused connecting infants with loving homes and families.  He is currently a Director or Advisor for a variety of technology and startup organizations.

Ted Gill

board member

Ted grew up on a ranch in Colorado that is still in the family, got his Masters in Industrial Engineering from Cornell, and went on to have a sparkling business career owning several businesses along the way. He had a belt buckle company in his early years and owned and operated Gill & Associates, a SEC/NASD stock brokerage firm, with his father for 21 years before retiring.

Ted’s work represents the best possible blend of American entrepreneurism and volunteerism. Over the years, he purchased numerous buildings in downtown Denver, many of which he rented out to charitable groups. Some were at half the prevailing rent, and some were at no rent at all. His buildings are located in the Art District on Santa Fe, and he worked with several tenants to bring art and art festivals to the community. Ted helped such organizations as The Chicano Humanity Arts Council (CHAC) featuring Latino artists and introduced Latino youth to the power of art. Art from Ashes worked with at-risk youth through poetry, essays, and poetry readings and helps these kids learn the power of writing. Art Street was a third charity Ted worked with, teaching kids computer graphics and helping prepare them for the marketplace.

From art to sport, Ted also helped form the D-Town boxers, an open gymnasium where 40-60 young adults learned how to box under the guidance of a nationally respected trainer. While Ted was at Cornell, he was a coach and boxer in Cornell’s boxing club.  Each year, the D-Town boxers qualified 6-8 boxers for the Golden Gloves tournament. The rent, of course, was free, and Ted supported the gymnasium financially so the kids and their families didn’t pay anything for the training or use of the gym.

 Ted is a prominent figure in Denver. His work includes helping beautify many sections of the city, starting and running the Top Cop program to honor the best of Denver’s police force, and quietly lending a hand wherever needed. Says Ted: “I’ve been fortunate in my career, and now I enjoy giving something back.”