Lynn Fischer Joins Zev Industries Board of Advisors

Changing the Way Sports Sciences are Analyzed and Assessed

Zev Industries is an international sports technology firm focused on combat sports, sports sciences and healthcare products and consulting services ranging from customized hardware, software, and deployment services along with one-on-one and one-to-many training and coaching services. 

Founded on evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed research, and extensive real-world experience, the technologies developed by Zev Industries allow for combat-based and sport-based fitness to join the modern era of progressive, innovation-based technologies.

Lynn Fischer’s Involvement with Zev Industries

John Palley, Co-Founder of Zev Industries, is proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Lynn Fischer, a Technology and Healthcare executive, to the Board of Advisors of Zev Industries.  

The entire Zev Industries team is honored to have Lynn Fischer join us.  Over Lynn’s illustrious career as a noted Technology and Healthcare executive, she has proven to be an exceptional leader, especially in managing large and complex teams of people and projects to successful completion.  We are particularly excited to have her provide guidance to our team as we unfold new products and solutions in the areas of metabolic disorders and neurological treatments in Healthcare.” Lynn Fischer has over twenty-five years as a technology executive in the telecommunications and healthcare industries.  Her passion has been envisioning and implementing new technology and business approaches to support the transformation of large enterprises and develop the people and teams to support the changes.”

Says Ms. Fischer, “I am very much looking forward to being a part of Zev further developing the technologies and capabilities to support bringing the benefits of sport science pragmatism to healthcare”. 

Most recently Lynn was VP of Information Technology at Kaiser Permanente which provides healthcare for over 12 million people.  While at Kaiser she developed corporate capabilities in health information exchange, mobile, service management, and cloud. More can be found on Ms. Fischer at

Zev Industries is a Canadian-founded team of experts from diverse backgrounds working in an agile and lean environment to create cutting-edge tools for the assessment, analysis, and training of combat sports. Based on a PhD thesis, peer-reviewed research, and extensive real-world experience, the patent-pending technology developed by Zev Industries allows for combat based fitness to join the modern era of progressive, innovation-based technologies.


Zev Industries

Mr. John Palley

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